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“It is what it is”.  Not for me.  Fuck that…  Conceding defeat, accepting things as they are?  I’ll never be content with being content.  Question everything, dig as deep as you can, make a difference, make waves, provoke action.  Huddling … Continue reading

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Dust Settling

Yet another bump in the road with the running.  Seems to be the norm anymore.  Just have to figure out how to get the most of myself without breaking anything…  So after the breakthrough run I had on Wednesday of … Continue reading

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Face to Face

They perch on your face atop the bridge of your nose, Reflecting glimpses of you hiding inside, All the secrets and feelings that nobody knows, To stay buried deeply in the back of your mind. Shiny and faceless begging for … Continue reading

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Fitness Center Newbie

OK, so I’ve resorted to going to Union Hospital fitness center to avoid icy roads this winter.  I’ve also been off the roads for a couple of weeks now with bursitis behind my achilles.  I ran a pretty decent 3 … Continue reading

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Rocket City Aborted at T-Minus 4 Days

November 20th I went out and did my last long run before the Rocket City Marathon.  The previous day, Saturday was supposed to be 5-8x1000m on the trails at Hawthorn Park.  I got a mere 1.5 miles into my warmup … Continue reading

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