Fitness Center Newbie

OK, so I’ve resorted to going to Union Hospital fitness center to avoid icy roads this winter.  I’ve also been off the roads for a couple of weeks now with bursitis behind my achilles.  I ran a pretty decent 3 miles last night despite me hammering it on the Octane during lunch.  Still, 3 miles in 23+ minutes, not too bad.  Achilles was fine.  After I ran, I talked to Katy whom I hadn’t seen since we were heading into the starting corrals of the Chicago Marathon in 2005!  So, it’s been 6 years since I’ve talked to her.  Anyway, I’m wiping down my sweat infested treadmill with a towel.  Getting to talking, I’m still sweating and I use this same towel to wipe my face and my eyes.  Didn’t think anything of it. 

On my way to the WVRR board meeting, I dashed into the Chawas restaurant and rescued yet another two pound burrito.  I get to the meeting, drinking my water.  My eyes start itching something fierce and I just couldn’t stop itching them.  Eventually they were very swollen and yet even more itchy, I could barely keep my eyes open. I made it through the meeting, drove home and went to bed “before 10:00”! 

So, talking to Mariah this morning, I was thinking it was just a case of being allergic to something when Mariah said I must’ve gotten into something.  Then I remembered the “cleaning towel”.  I didn’t really put the two together as I was probably still loaded with anti-histamines from my run until about 20-30 minutes later.  Yikes!  Won’t be doing that again.

The last two nights running, the achilles felt fine, so today, I decided to try to make it 6.5 miles.  I was able to push it but of course, the achilles started to hurt 4 miles in, so looks like I’m going to have to be pretty restrictive on the miles and try to get in as much cardio as I can with the Octane over the next 4 weeks before Trained In Terre Haute starts.


About dutterman

Live and work in Terre Haute. Married to Mariah who I met my sophomore year at Rose-Hulman in 1988. We have two children Kourtney 17 and Austin 13. I've been a competitive runner since 1982.
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