Face to Face

They perch on your face atop the bridge of your nose,

Reflecting glimpses of you hiding inside,

All the secrets and feelings that nobody knows,

To stay buried deeply in the back of your mind.

Shiny and faceless begging for a closer look,

Deflecting invitations to your mystery,

To be bound like the covers of an unread book,

Hiding questionable intent no one can see.

Sitting in the safe confines of your steel roll cage,

Shouting at your newly found enemy of choice,

Broadcasting the echoes of your angry road rage,

Feeding your starved ego from the top of your voice.

Flexing the concocted power you created,

Carefully hidden behind your tinted windows,

Chalking up one more victory celebrated,

Over deserving victims you rightfully chose.

Raving on the phone to the defenseless stranger,

A mere unfortunate on the receiving end,

Tasting the sharp tongue of your abusive anger,

Patient and devoted to fulfill your demand.

Hanging up in disgust, getting the last word in,

Thinking for a moment you could have been nicer,

Realizing action you would just do again,

Because after all, that is what they get paid for.

Texting to avoid genuine interaction,

Protecting yourself from digging up the courage,

Never engaging or going through the motion

Of actually talking to him for a change.

Anticipating, waiting for a quick response,

Dwelling the meaning of just the slightest delay,

Gripping your phone with the trembling clutch of your hands,

Harboring the relief of a simple “OK”.

Overcome the urge to lash out in frustration

Just because you’re protected in a safe haven.

Be accountable for your words and your actions,

Take pride in your brave stance for what you believe in.

Look into their human eyes and see how they feel,

While you speak to them as you gauge their emotion.

They will soon realize that you are very real

Not restricted by self-imposed inhibition.


About dutterman

Live and work in Terre Haute. Married to Mariah who I met my sophomore year at Rose-Hulman in 1988. We have two children Kourtney 17 and Austin 13. I've been a competitive runner since 1982.
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One Response to Face to Face

  1. This is really amazing. My note pales in comparison to what you wrote here. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I feel honored and I look forward to reading more of your writings. Again, thank you!

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