The glass, thick with its clear elements, full of a beautiful champagne, bubbly and vibrant.  Parts of it thick and murky, blocking all light.  Clearly, there are parts.  The bubbles clinging to the sides of the glass with an adhesion so strong, reinforced by the security of staying put, avoiding the inevitable destiny of escaping.  But some, brave as they are, let go of that cling, and rise above the rest, floating freely to the top, while the others stand and watch, debating what will come of the bubble’s demise.  The bubble braves the ridicule and criticism as it soars to the top ever faster.  Upon reaching the top and being exposed to a world never known, transmitting the bend to the enlightenment of those below, broadcasting the unknown while the clinging bubbles flicker in the light.  Occasionally, the bubble atop grows and explodes, causing ripples along the surface and radiating down the depths, rebounding back up, permanently changing the murky depths far below.  Sometimes, intense enough to encourage other bubbles to unleash and bob to the top as those before them.  Some don’t make it all the way to the top, but bring smaller ones with them, yet still achieve a dramatic size.  Not all bubbles have the same fate.  Some cling forever, never budging, only to dissipate and dissolve in the confines of the walls in which they cling to.  

About dutterman

Live and work in Terre Haute. Married to Mariah who I met my sophomore year at Rose-Hulman in 1988. We have two children Kourtney 17 and Austin 13. I've been a competitive runner since 1982.
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