2017 Shows Attended

2017 Shows Overall List (top list below)

  1. 1/3/17 Liotta, Dead Party, Riot Shield, Doxy, Chloe Greenberg (Cruft House)
  2. 1/6/17 Lung, Spacer, Buttzz (1423 S Monon Dr Bloomington)
  3. 1/13/17 Thelma and The Sleaze, Butthole, Greyson Anderson (Little Harpeth Brewery Nashville)
  4. 1/19/17 bugg, Nice Try, Full Sun (Root Cellar Bloomington)
  5. 1/20/17 ASD, Tigersex, Phunkbot, Mr Clit & The Pink Cigarettes (5th Quarter Lounge)
  6. 1/28/17 Shark Sandwich, Boner City, Hot Prowlers, Dope Sweater (Spinelli’s Downtown)
  7. 2/11/17 Jereactors, Some Kind of Nightmare, Boner City, Tiger Sex (Mag Bar Louisville)
  8. 2/18/17 Bruiser Queen, Royal Holland + The Rotation (The Comet Cincinatti)
  9. 2/22/17 Real Dom, Vail, Yalla Stockings, Sir Deja Doog (The Void Bloomington)
  10. 3/3/17 BangOKBang, Cloudmouth, Pamphlet & Styrofoam Winos (Springwater Supper Club Nashville)
  11. 3/11/17 Service, ByBye (The Coterie Kokomo)
  12. 3/17/17 The Dollyrots, The Two Tens, The Lickers, The Messengers (Melody Inn Indy)
  13. 3/20/17 Mariahill, Riot Shield, WAKE, The Fuzzlers (Cruft House)
  14. 3/25/17 Spoiled Milk, Mr. Clit & The Pink Cigarettes, Catflaps, Mean Jeans, Easy habits, Slutbomb, (Northside Yacht Club Cincy)
  15. 3/30/17 Jerry Fels Thin Lines, Sera, Petechiae (The FOXHOLE)
  16. 4/1/17 Cherry Glazerr, Lala Lala, Ian Sweet (Blockhouse Bloomington)
  17. 4/8/17 Pop Up Safety Baby, Venom, Brandon Sciotto, The Nerve, Mariahill (Couch Studios)
  18. 4/8/17 Bonesetters, Service, Uh (Pioneer Indy)
  19. 4/11/17 Semi-Feral, Side Effects, Chloe Greenberg (The Foxhole)
  20. 4/14/17 Some Kind Of Nightmare, Misunderstood, Chloe Greenberg, For The Fire, Avanti, Dannie Al Mar (Couch Studios)
  21. 4/21/17 Zero Boys, Ricky Rat Pack, Holy Sheets, Cheetah Chrome and Johnny Blitz (Melody Inn)
  22. 4/22/17 C is for Cadaver, Old Fox Road, Stufy, Dope Sweater, Ripped From The Roots (The FOXHOLE)
  23. 4/29/17 Dope Sweater, Lucy Furr, The Orchard Keepers, Dana Skully and The Tiger Sharks, City Trash (Showroom Studios Indy)
  24. 5/19/17 Service, Bi, Pravada, There Are Ghosts (Melody Inn)
  25. 5/23/17 Butthole, ByBye, The Dracu-Lahs (Back Door Bloomington)
  26. 5/26/17 Mr Clit & The Pink Cigarettes, Boner City, Hyper Tensions (PG Evansville)
  27. 6/2/17 Snail Mail, Girlpool w/ Ian Sweet (Empty Bottle Chicago)
  28. 6/5/17 Thelma and The Sleaze, Memetics (Hi-Fi Indy)
  29. 6/9/17 Eliot Bigger, Bonesetters, VV Torso, Smother Party, Theon Lee Jones (Fountain Square Brewery Indy)
  30. 6/10/17 Mutoid Man, Helms Alee, Astral Mass, Uh (Black Circle Brewing Indy)
  31. 6/15/17 Feist (Vic Theater Chicago)
  32. 6/22/17 VV Torso, An Atomic Whirl, Jackson VanHorn, sheetmetalgirl (Healthnet Billing Indy)
  33. 6/24/17 Frankie Camaro, Last Four Digits, The Gizmos (State Street Pub)
  34. 6/30/17 Service, Scarboro, Uh, Conjuror, Black Recluse (Kuma’s Corner Indianapolis)
  35. 7/7/17 Lung, Mr Clit & The Pink Cigarettes, Casey No (State Street Pub)
  36. 7/8/17 Better Off Blind, Pop Up Safety Baby, Dead Party, Black Dawn Rising (New Wave Pro Wrestling Terre Haute)
  37. 7/13/17 Boner City, Dick Titty Blood Punch, Joy Kills, Mosquito, Mr Clit & The Pink Cigarettes (Kaiju Louisville)
  38. 7/15/17 Pop Up Safety Baby (Fairbanks Park)
  39. 7/15/17 Wolf Alice, Bo and the Locomotive  (Off Broadway STL)
  40. 7/20/17 Warped Tour: Jule Vera, Pickwick Commons, Barb Wire Dolls, William Control, Microwave, Sonic Boom Six, Stacked Like Pancakes, War On Women, The White Noise, The Adolescents, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Municipal Waste, Valient Thorr (Indianapolis)
  41. 7/21/17 Worriers, CAMP COPE, Typesetter, Retirement Party (Cobra Lounge Chicago)
  42. 7/22/17 The Great Terror, Dirtbike, The Bloody Muffs (Melody Inn Indy)
  43. 7/28/17 Last Four Digits, Coathangers, The Residuels (Melody Inn Indy)
  44. 7/28/17 manners, please, Shadeland (Hi-Fi Indy)
  45. 8/3/17 Lollapalooza: White Reaper, Hippo Campus, The O’Mys, Temples, The Drums, CRX, Wiz Khalifa, Lorde, Slothrust, PUP, Cloud Nothings, The Lemon Twigs, Phantogram, Foster The People, Blink-182, Lady Pills, The Shelters, Blossoms, Ron Gallo, Warpaint, The Japanese House, Colony House, Royal Blood, Live, Jai Wolf, Sylvan Esso, The XX, Mac DeMarco, Grace Mitchell, Joseph, Noname, Tove Lo, London Grammar, GroupLove (Grant Park Chicago)
  46. 8/12/17 Mr Clit & The Pink Cigarettes, Bloody Show, Craig Bell & Band (Punk Rock Night Indy)
  47. 8/19/17 Chives, Dope Sweater, Uppers (Pioneer Indy) 10:30 pm
  48. 8/22/17 C is for Cadaver, Whitney Flynn (FOXHOLE)
  49. 8/25/17 Catflaps, Mr. Clit & The Pink Cigarettes, Spoiled Milk, The Actual Italians, Slugsalt, SKRT, Milkman, Northern Widows, Push Off (Northside Yacht Club Cincy)
  50. 9/9/17 Service, The Tinkerbelles, The Long Arm (Black Circle Brewing Co)
  51. 9/15/17 Pop Up Safety Baby (Ripley’s Terre Haute)
  52. 9/16/17 RVIVR, GBH, Black Pistol Fire, Peaches, Bad Brains, Prophets of Rage, TV On The Radio, The Menzingers, Downtown Boys, Kitten Forever, Culture Abuse, The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, The Menzingers, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Pennywise (Douglas Park Chicago)
  53. 9/17/17 Thelma and The Sleaze, Touched By Ghoul (The Metro Chicago)
  54. 9/22/17 Vacation, John Hays, Dasher, Toby Foster (Bloomington Blockhouse)
  55. 9/24/17 Dracu-lahs (Royal Skate Lansing, IL)
  56. 9/26/17 Dope Sweater (The FOXHOLE)
  57. 9/30/17 Lucy Furr(The FOXHOLE)
  58. 9/30/17 The Orchard Keepers, Thee Aquaholics (The Void Bloomington)
  59. 10/5/17 manners, please (Connor’s Pub Indy)
  60. 10/13/17 Think Tank, Swan Laak, Raxil (Kuma’s Corner Indy)
  61. 10/13/17 The Ghoulies (The Black Lodge Bloomington)
  62. 10/13/17 Eliot Bigger (Melody Inn Indy)
  63. 10/19/17 VV Torso, Total Disgust, Uppers (State Street Pub Indy)
  64. 10/21/17 Mr Clit & The Pink Cigarettes, Dick Titty Blood Punch, Werestein Meets Frankenwolf, Ron (Kaiju)
  65. 10/26/17 Lala Lala (The Bishop Bloomington)
  66. 10/28/17 Courtney Barnett, Kurt Vile and the Sea Lice (Empty Bottle Chicago)
  67. 11/8/17 Twen, Starfox Mulder (Black Lodge Bloomington)
  68. 11/10/17 Taco Tuesday, Mariahill, Alena Coast (The Verve Terre Haute)
  69. 11/11/17 Dana Skully, Dog’s Breath, Cari Ray, Moor Dub (Square Cat Vinyl Indy)
  70. 11/17/17 Mr. Clit & The Pink Cigarettes, Stuyedeyed, BIRDS, Hypertensions, SERA (The Basement Muncie)
  71. 11/18/17 Orchard Keepers, Katatonics, Godawfuls (Melody Inn Indy)
  72. 11/19/17 The Dracu-lahs, Nonnie Parry, Last King Of Poland, Evil Waves (Space Revival Griffin)
  73. 11/22/17 Christian Taylor, manners, please (Melody Inn Indy)
  74. 11/24/17 Holy Sheets, The Dockers, Hyper Tensions, White Wax (Melody Inn Indy)
  75. 12/1/17 Doxy, SERA, Pop Up Safety Baby (Ripley’s Terre Haute)
  76. 12/2/17 Lala Lala (Subterranean Chicago)
  77. 12/7/17 Us, Today, Eliot Bigger, The Bronzed Chorus, Pillars (SSP Indy)
  78. 12/12/17 Noogy, Misunderstood, Lucy Furr (The Foxhole)
  79. 12/15/17 Pop Up Safety Baby, The HANIS Project, Halogen Wolfe (The Verve Terre Haute)
  80. 12/16/17 TigerSex, Hot Rod Nebula, Great Terror (Punk Rock Night Indy)


Overall show

Sir Deja Doog/Dom/Vail

Boner City, Mr. Clit & The Pink Cigarettes, Dick Titty Blood Punch, Mosquito

Cherry Glazerr, Ian Sweet, Lala Lala

2017 Top Albums

Mutoid Man – War Moans

Cherry Glazerr – Apocalipstick

Thelma and the Sleaze – Somebody’s Doin Somethin

Lung – Bottom Of The Barrel

The Orchard Keepers – Stick Face

Sylvan Esso – What Now

Sheer Mag – Need To Feel Your Love

Dasher – Sodium

Prophets of Rage – Prophets of Rage

VV Torso – LPVV


2018 Most anticipated that I haven’t seen yet.

Casper Skulls


Wife Patrol


Sheer Mag


Favorite Front-Persons

Andy Bright (The Great Terror)

Anthony V (Dope Sweater)

Amanda P (Think Tank)

Natty Shaw (VV Torso)

Isis Queen (Barb Wire Dolls)

Kelly C (TigerSex)


Kylee H (Dasher)


Favorite Drums


Pop Up Safety Baby


Bang OK Bang


Mariahill/Taco Tuesday


Touched By Ghoul

Favorite Bass

IAN Sweet

Pop Up Safety Baby


Orchard Keepers

Favorite Guitars

Full Sun



Eliot Bigger



VV Torso

Hot Rod Nebula

Touched By Ghoul

Favorite Vocals


Amelia Meath (Sylvan Esso)

Morgan Nusbaum (Bruiser Queen)

Whitney Flynn

Katie Wakefield (Lung)

Ellie Rowsell (Wolf Alice)


Christian Taylor

Casey No

Dannie Al Mar

Stufy Summers

Chloe Greenberg


Mr Clit & The Pink Cigarettes

Casey No

Tycoons Of Teen

Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black


Best Hair

The Dracu-Lahs


Mr. Clit & The Pink Cigarettes

Most Seen Bands

Mr. Clit & The Pink Cigarettes (9)

Pop Up Safety Baby (6)

Boner City (5)


Dope Sweater (5)

Tigersex (4)

Thelma And The Sleaze (3)

Lala Lala (3)

Mariahill (3)

Eliot Bigger (3)

Orchard Keepers (3)

Hyper Tensions (3)

Chloe Greenberg (3)

Manners, Please (3)

Lucy Furr (3)

The Dracu-Lahs (3)

Hardest Working Bands

Some Kind of Nightmare


Barb Wire Dolls

Thelma and the Sleaze

Favorite New Bands

The Great Terror

The Dracu-Lahs


The Hyper Tensions

Touched By Ghoul

Retirement Party

Top Venues

Melody Inn Indianapolis

Kaiju Louisville

The FOXHOLE Terre Haute

State Street Pub Indianapolis

The Empty Bottle Chicago

Top Show Reviews

Mutoid Man

I just so happened to discover this amazing band scanning through YouTube videos of Propaghandi and War On Women about three years ago.  I stumbled across a video of Mutoid Man doing an in-store performance and was really blown away.  I haven’t been into Heavy Metal music for a long time, but when I heard these guys, it was like they were rooted in all of my early ‘80s favorites, like Scorpions, Dokken, Ratt, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest.  This band is like riding a bull, only, you’ve partially fallen off, but your hand is still caught, and it’s either you allow yourself to be flailed and rip your arm clean out of socket, or you hang on and hope for the best because these guys don’t let up.  They played a show at Black Circle Brewing Company in Indianapolis to a very charged crowd.  Their latest album War Moans was also my top album of the year for 2017.  Really looking forward to seeing these guys again and anticipate them playing much larger audiences.  They have all the elements of prog metal, heavy metal and hard rock and have the non-stop energy of an underground punk band.

Image may contain: one or more people, people on stage, people dancing, people standing, night and indoor

Courtney Barnett, Kurt Vile and the Sea Lice

I’ve been a big fan of Courtney Barnett ever since I saw her at Lollapalooza a few years ago.  I always thought her appearance reminded me of Malcolm Young of AC/DC.  She teamed up with Kurt Vile and a few other big name veteran musicians, recorded an album and went on a small tour in small intimate venues across the country.  I was able to catch them at the Empty Bottle in Chicago.  This was a sold out show and was packed with die hard fans.  This was one show that I was really starstruck at and actually took me a few days to get over.  They had no opener, so they played a solid 90 minute set of songs mostly from their album and a few of their covers, ending the show with Belly’s “Untogether”.

Image may contain: one or more people, people on stage, people playing musical instruments and indoor

Image may contain: one or more people, people on stage, people playing musical instruments, night, guitar and indoor

Thelma and the Sleaze

Lauren Gilbert, LG, always assembles the best core band to take with her out on the road.  2017 saw the introduction of a nearly entire new lineup that really pulled off the energy of Thelma and the Sleaze’s latest release, a full-length album, Somebody’s Doing Something.  I was fortunate to catch them three times this year, one was in Chicago that I treated as a Riot Fest aftershow.  Here they played an amazing 75 minute set!  Thelma and the Sleaze has toured so much and written so much over the past five years that they have the catalog to really pull it off.  

Image may contain: 2 people, people on stage, people playing musical instruments, guitar, night and indoor

Wolf Alice

The first time I saw these guys was at Lollapalooza 2016.  I thought they had a pretty decent 45 minute set.  This past summer, leading up to the release of their sophomore LP, they headed out on the road to play at small initimate venues.  I got to see them at Off Broadway in St Louis from the second row of a standing room only crowd.  They played some amazing fan favorites but also rocked out to their newer material that really asserts that they’re a band that’s going to stick around for a while.  Really hoping they jump onto some festivals this summer.

Image may contain: 1 person, on stage and playing a musical instrument


I’ve seen these guys twice, both times at Lollapalooza.  Lollapalooza has moved to a four day format, and these guys closed out 2017’s Lollapalooza for me.  I was really exhausted by the end of the fourth day, but these guys really fired up the crowd and had them all singing and jumping.  Their passion and upbeat performance just really leaves you stunned by the time they wrap up their show.

Mr. Clit & The Pink Cigarettes

These guys are pretty much a perennial favorite anymore for me.  They always play at the best venues for the best crowds with the best bands.  Every time I see them, the lineup they’re with is incredible.  It’s great to have them playing favorites, but they’ve mustered up quite a bit of new material that they always seem pretty excited to play.  Davey Gravey is always sharp-dressed emcee while directing traffic to their always seemingly spontaneous set-lists, which are as unpredictable as their outfits they wear.  “There is no setlist” with these guys, just jump in with them and see where you end up!  Like always too, Abby is taunting, provoking and stomping her way through the show, frequently joining Davey at the mic for the chorus.  Ayesha is merciless with her drums and when she tosses her tamborine, prepare to hang on tight.  Mr Clit certainly creates magic in the moment and will leave a new impression on you every time.

Image may contain: one or more people, people on stage and people playing musical instruments


Lala Lala

Caught these guys a couple times this year. They had opened up for Cherry Glazerr and Ian Sweet in Bloomington, I was totally blown away.  Don’t know why, but guitarist Lillie has the charm and tenderness and musical mystery of Robert Smith.  Bought their album on tape and played it over and over until I finally managed to download it off of BandCamp.  Not quite punk, and not overly hard-rock, but just nice groovy songs that surprise the crowd.  

Image may contain: 2 people, people on stage, people playing musical instruments, night and indoor

The Orchard Keepers

Saw these young kids a couple times this year and am just blown away by the growth and maturity over the past two plus years, not to mention how very well polished they are now, especially in the past year.  Their full length debut album realease show was as ambitious as their 13 track album.  This band is everything you ever wanted in modern progressive rock, with structures rivaling that of Primus, Tool, Rush with a Jethro Tull sounding guitar, not to mention Ayanna’s Jack White/Theo Kogan storytelling vocals.  Be prepared to be stunned or frightened by what this band will do to you the first time you see them perform live.

Image may contain: 1 person, on stage, playing a musical instrument and indoor

The Lemon Twigs

I caught the Lemon Twigs at Lollapalooza this year, walking up to the crowd mid-way through their first song.  As I approached, I heard this rock band, that had all the elements of ELO, Queen and The Beatles all rolled into one.  I was surprised too at how young and talented these guys were.  This was a very warm and welcome performance that was quite different than a lot of the bands at Lollapalooza this year.


Ian Sweet

Ian Sweet are a very amazing sounding band with dreamy guitars and phenomenal catchy rhythms.  Their hypnotic groove is quite seductive and will leave you wanting more.  

Image may contain: 2 people, people on stage, people playing musical instruments, concert and night

Boner City

These guys are exactly who you’d want to play your party because they manage to get the crowd to pour sweat right along with them.  Their catchy songs and audience friendly choruses get the whole crowd involved.  I saw them several times over the past year and my favorite of theirs was their farewell show as they go on an indefinite hiatus.   Their farewell show is probably one of the best shows I’ve ever been to.Image may contain: 2 people, people on stage, people playing musical instruments, people sitting, night and indoor 

Pop Up Safety Baby

Probably my most favorite local band in the Terre Haute area.  These guys are a bass/drum duo but deliver a solid punch.  How many times can you say holy shit through a single set?  Find out by catching these guys.  Over the past couple of years, they’re written more songs and have the catalog to punch a really solid show.  When you think of Death From Above 1979 and Royal Blood, these guys are definitely in their league.

Image may contain: 1 person, on stage and playing a musical instrument

The Dollyrots

This poppy punk band was a lot of fun to watch.  I had heard their music on and off pretty much over the past 10 years but never had a chance to catch them live.  They happened to be touring in 2017 on two stretches and stopped by the Melody Inn in Indianapolis for Punk Rock Night.  They were solid, start-to-finish playing fan favorites and a couple new ones, and of course, Melanie’s “Brand New Key”.

Mean Jeans

I caught these guys in Cincinatti at a punk show.  I was totally caught off-guard by this Ramones-tight band who puts on a really good show, engages the audience well and are definitely veterans of the road.  


I was fortunate to go to Riot Fest again this year and was looking forward to this, but I had no idea what I was in for.  Peaches is an in-your-face, passionate performer with an arrangement of heavy beats, costumes, erotica, and choreography with incredible dancers, who at times were topless.  She played a somewhat short but very effective set on a very hot afternoon.  The stamina and powerful singing all while running and dancing were impressive.

Image may contain: one or more people, people on stage and concert


I saw these guys a couple of times this year and they even made their way up to Bloomington!  These guys are a lot of fun, hilarious and very crowd friendly.  Butthole is a very entertaining band and really rivals that of the B-52s.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people on stage, people playing musical instruments and night


Saw this amazing duo of Cello and drums at a couple of shows over the past couple of years. Katie and Daisy make this really magical music that is sometimes heavy and also very tender.  Katie’s cello run through distortion for a lot of their songs sounds really amazing and Katie’s one of the most talented singers I’ve ever had the chance to see.  Their full length album this year was absolutely amazing.  They have a lot of new material as well that could find its way to a recording.  I highly recommend seeing this band.

Image may contain: one or more people, people on stage and indoor


VV Torso

I happened to catch VV Torso at the Eliot Bigger LP release show.   I was immediately blown away by this band whose sound reminds me a lot of Spoon’s and The Cure’s early days.  The guitarist and bass play on opposite sides of the stage, but facing each other in a musical standoff with tight drumming.  Just when the tension gets too much, Natty tucks right in with his passionate pleading vocals.  There’s anger, angst, hope, pride in his presentation.

Image may contain: 1 person, indoor


The Dracu-Lahs

I saw these guys at for the first time at The Back Door in Bloomington.  Tim uses an old phone handset as his mic and adds a very nostalgic vintage sound to his vocals, all-the-while bobbing his fantastically tailored hair do.  Keri Beri adds to vocals and percussion while the rest of the band power jams tightly.  

Dope Sweater and Lucy Furr

I’m going to combine these two because I nearly always see them together.  Dope Sweater is a highly energetic non-typical punk band keeping the needle in the red.  It wouldn’t be a Dope Sweater show without Austin losing his glasses and/or shirt or Anthony knocking over the mic stand, and it’s a good thing Byrdman wears a tight ball cap because his hair would be flying everywhere.  Dope Sweater charges the crowd up.  Lucy Furr is relatively new and is constantly pushing the envelope with ever-changing tempo and haunting and spooky guitar sounds.  Nathan is constantly teetering the mic stand with that David Gilmore tongue-in-cheek concentration and Dana totally punks out, because if you’re familiar with her, she is a very tender and soulful singer/songwriter.  Meanwhile Drew is making a storm of his own behind drums.

Image may contain: one or more people, people on stage and indoor

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people playing musical instruments, guitar and night




Cherry Glazerr

Hyper Tensions

Touched By Ghoul


Sylvan Esso

The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black

Eliot Bigger


White Wax

The Great Terror


Black Recluse

The Holy Sheets



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Live and work in Terre Haute. Married to Mariah who I met my sophomore year at Rose-Hulman in 1988. We have two children Kourtney 17 and Austin 13. I've been a competitive runner since 1982.
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