Denny Utter from Terre Haute, Indiana.  I’ve lived around the world as an Army Brat growing up and lived in Europe and Japan for 10+ years.  Now live in Terre Haute, married to Mariah for 24 years.  Two teenage children almost through school.  I’ve been a runner for 33 years and still love to train and compete.  I’m hoping to post race reports, training reports, music reviews, movie reviews, etc.  I’m not a music “critic” although I listen to a lot of music every day and I hope to put some useful reviews on here as well.  I’ve also been an Oracle DBA for the past 16 years.  Maybe I’ll put some useful stuff on here regarding that as well.


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  1. kristy says:

    hi there i see on camille herrons blog that you had a cyst your popletius and you had surgery to correct this. i think i have the same problem i have been undiagnosed for the last 5 years with 3 mdi scans that were all reported as normal but then i had a second opinion recently that said i may have a cyst near popletius, can you tell me more about your injury and symptoms. i have had bad lateral knee and fibula head pain for the last 5 years on most actives of daily living and a bit overt i think the next step is surgery but it is really a bit unknown as the mri results aren’t fully clear. thanks kristy

    • dutterman says:

      Kristy, Hi. My symptoms started out kinda weird. They started out being sharp pain in the back of the knee, that feeling you get when you hyper-extend your knee, even though I wasn’t hyper-extending it. I did eventually start feeling pain around the fibular head. I eventually got an MRI because I thought that maybe I had torn my meniscus or something, but the MRI revealed a cyst on the fibular head. The doctor said it was compressing the common peroneal nerve, which kinda made sense, as my lower leg had weakened, hence the sense of hyper-extension. The popliteus muscle among other muscles in the area were always severely fatigued. The symptoms are so weird for whatever the cause is. I ended up having surgery to have it removed. It was supposed to be 45 minutes, it was over 90 minutes. I remember as I came out, the doctor asked me to move my foot as he was working around a lot of nerve and vascular tissue. He indicated that I should be able to run in about 6 weeks, but it took an entire year to recover, at times, I really thought there was permanent damage, and that I’d never run again, which was hard to accept since I was only 32 at the time. It took nearly 6 months to regain all feeling on the skin along the peroneus muscle on the outside of my leg.

      I think I would recommend getting the muscle conductivity test done (I don’t know the exact name of it, but it involves slight electrical shocks) to see if there is weakness, which could indicate whether any nerves are compressed, and also to get ART therapy on the popliteus muscle (if that’s even possible) to try to see if you’re just experiencing chronic tendonitis from a trigger point in the popliteus, and do some strengthening exercises for it. I used my office chair to strengthen it following surgery. Basically using my foot to rotate the chair back and forth is what I did, and you can let the momentum of the chair kinda stretch the muscle as well. Sorry to go into so much detail. I hope there is a reliable solution for you.

      Denny Utter.

      • Kristy says:

        Thanks for the info. Did you have key hole or open surgery? I have tried massage, ART everything i have recently had a cortisone injection and now its so bad i cant walk really have had no imorovemnt at all feel the only next step is surgery as feel like i have nothing to loose but sounds like a long rehab. I wouldnt mind if it help as i really dont see myself being able to live like this as i am only 32 i cant do any physical activity as walking so bad now. Quite depressing as i was a triathlete.

      • dutterman says:

        Kristy, sorry I hadn’t responded. I left town for work and didn’t get back to you. My surgery was basically three holes in the front and a fairly large incision on the back. I’d say it’s probably 3 inches in overall length, in the shape of an L. I found a lot of stretching and Yoga helped it heal.

  2. kristy says:

    great thanks, was your cyst very big? my Dr’s can’t understand why it is giving me so much grief as it is only small.

    cheers Kristy

    • dutterman says:

      I think it was about the size of a pea, but remember too, there’s a lot of nerve and vascular tissue running through there, so there’s not a whole lot of room. All you have to do is have it irritating any main nerves through there, and the muscles, etc. are going to react accordingly to protect the nerve, and it can also cause weakness of the innervated muscles.

  3. kristy says:

    great thanks for your help it means a lot. i can’t seem to get any help for this. every one says that the cyst can’t warrant the pain i am in and that i have had it for so long, they say it is just a chronic pain syndrome, where my injury has healed but it is still sending off pain signals, as they can’t see much on MRI apart from a tiny cyst and even then they aren’t 100 percent sure. i really don’t buy that though. however i would hate to have surgery and they remove the cyst and it doesnt fix the problem, i would be devastated. how long did you have symptoms for, before you got the surgery?

    • dutterman says:

      Kristy, sorry for the delayed response. I Had symptoms pretty much all summer, had to quit running in the Fall. Finally got the doctors to get me an MRI around Thanksgiving time and had surgery in January. With nerve aggravation your symptoms can fluctuate wildly, especially since everything is compensating. It’s like a waiting game in which you have no control over, nor any indication on how long/if it will heal or go away. That area is so congested, it doesn’t take anything very big to compress or irritate nerves. I wish you luck.

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